Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances by Lewisville Texas Plumbing

Mike installs a new bathroom faucet, part of our Lewisville plumbing fixtures and appliances repairEvery plumbing company has a specialty, something they do better than everyone else and become well-known for in the industry. Lewisville Texas Plumbing is specialized in plumbing fixture and appliance repair and installation.


We have taken what is considered a basic service by other plumbing companies and transformed it into a science. From the original decision to make a repair or change in one of your fixtures or appliances to the final installation or repair, we have a process.

It begins with answering the questions of our customers. The plumbing fixture industry has changed in recent years. If your toilet was installed before 1992, you might need an entirely new set-up to connect the new one. fixing a sink drain in LewisvilleThe amount of water used to flush was changed that year and toilets made today are different because of it. You can still get Toto or American Standard, but they'll only use 1.6 gallons per flush instead of the old volume of 3.5 gallons. You can even buy a dual flush that uses less for liquid.

Once we've helped you select your toilet, sink, tub, or gas stove for the kitchen, we do a thorough inspection of the installation area. If you attach a new fixture or appliance to an old pipe or gas line you might have a problem. Couplings, connecting pipes, seals, and gaskets need to be examined thoroughly before we declare a site fit for a new installation. This part of the process ensures that you new addition doesn't cause a plumbing emergency.

Our Lewisville plumbing professionals strive to provide only the most durable, reliable plumbing repairs and installations every time, and for every job. Call today to see the difference.

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